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Altogether, we follow eighteen separate stages of production.  Our lacquer artisans take great care during the initial selection and preparation of the wooden bases which must be completely sanded to a smooth finish and then left to dry before the first layer of lacquer can be applied. 
Depending on the size and subsequent treatment of the product, several successive layers lacquer are applied, left to dry and each time polished by hand.  All this before mother of pearl, eggshell, silver leaf or gold leaf can be inlaid or applied.   Following the application of any decorative materials, several more layers of lacquer are applied in turn in order to create an effect of optical depth in the final finish.
After the successive application, drying and polishing of the first nine layers of lacquer, we place our lacquer products in a dark and humid room for up to three days.  Subsequently, we coat the product surfaces with a mixture of wax, powder and kaolin and leave the items to dry before polishing them again. A further four layers of lacquer are applied and each time the product is left to dry for several days before being laboriously polished by hand for up to several hours at a time.
As all these steps are completed and the decorative details emerge in perfectly clear lines, our products take on a beautiful transparency and shine. 

We require a minimum of between two to three months to achieve the best possible quality in the final product. 


 1-  Wood preparation     
  2-  Mending the wood base
 3-  Wrapping cloth         
  4-  Coating 4 times
 5-  Lining 4 times            
  6-  Mother-of-pearl or eggshell inlay
 7-  Filling 3 times            
  8-  Gold, silver application
 9-  Painting or coloring 
 10- Rubbing with water in b/w all above steps
 11- Pre-varnishing

12- Polishing

13- Shining

14- Quality control

15- Packing
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